Neodymium Iron Boron (general composition Nd2Fe14B, often abbreviated to NdFeB) is the most recent commercial addition to the family of modern magnet.

The major features of NdFeB are as follows:
1 High energy product: as high as 50MGOe is consistently available. This value of the maximum energy product exceeds that of the best SmCo magnets.
2 Low density of NdFeB: allows lighter and smaller designs for magnetic circuits. The density of NdFeB is 7.5g/cm3 and is more than 10% smaller than that of SmCo magnets.
3 Its mechanical strength: enables easier machining and handling than SmCo magnets. The bending strength and the tensile strength of NdFeB are approximately twice those of SmCo magnets.
4 No future’s concern of raw materials: NdFeB is made of neodymium, iron and boron, which are abundant on the earth.
5 NdFeB has a larger corrodibility than SmCo magnet under a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. Surface coating is necessary to protect NdFeB against corrosive atmosphere.
6 NdFeB has the larger temperature coefficients of the remanent magnetization (Br) and the coercivity (Hcj) than SmCo magnets. A careful consideration for working temperature and permeance is required on designing fabrication processes of a magnetic circuit for a full utilization of NdFeB’s high performance. NdFeB with high coercivities are large as 35KOe has been developed to offer an improved stability at high temperatures.
7 High price/performance ratio; the strongest attractive force.
8 Lower temperature coefficient: the routine NdFeB magnet’s temperature coefficient (βHcj) is -0.6%/℃, to improve this, we have developed the temperature coefficient (βHcj) -0.5%/℃ to make NdFeB have good stability of temperature, and then could be applied into more fields.

Low weight Loss NdFeB magnets

Because there is Nd-rich phase and iron-base in NdFeB magnet, and it is easy to be oxygenated and corroded, which restrict application in some fields, such as the motor of elevator, wind-drive generator, methane generator, and so on. To improve it, we developed the low weight loss magnets.  

At present, the best low weight loss magnets we could produce are as follows:

132.9℃, 2.9atm and 95%-100% moisture for 168 hours, the weight loss is less than 2mg/cm2. Certainly, real weight loss could differ according to the dimension of magnets.

This kind of low weight loss magnets could enhance the anti-corrosion resistance, and prolong the longevity, and decrease the cost of maintenance.

About the properties of low weight loss magnets, we could produce them as per our customer’s requirement.

Application Fields:

Wind power generator

Stepping motor

Textile machine




Magnetic eddy current separator

Magnetic assemblies

Magnetic tools




Instrument & meter

Medical equipment





V.C.M(Voice coil motor)

Servo motor

Brushless motor





Detailed information:
The properties: Please kindly check our properties chart for the detailed information on the top of the page.
 The dimension and tolerance: We could control the tolerance within ±0.05mm. If our customers have special request on the dimension and tolerance, we will try our best to meet their requirements.
The coating:To protect the magnets, we generally treat NdFeB magnets with the following coatings:


Environmental Zn








No coating

The magnetization: There are detailed description and sketch in the index ”services”, please kindly check it.
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