Ferrite magnets are sintered permanent magnets composed of Barium or Strontium Ferrite. This class of magnets, aside from good resistance to demagnetization, has the popular advantage of low cost.
1 Because they are ceramic, Ferrite magnets have a tendecy to break or ship and require carefu handling during assembly.

2 The magnetic flux temperature coefficient is -0.18%C,
much larger than for rare earth magnets or alnico magnets,so temperature stability must be taken into account.
3 Coercive fore decrease at rate of 0.5%C when the temperature decreases, and problems may occur due to low temperature demagnetization. It is vital that the magnet’s operating point be higher than the knee point on its demagnetization curve.
4 Low cost No surface treatments.
Application Fields:



Medical equipments






Detailed information:
The properties: Please kindly check the properties chart on the top of the page. We could adjust our composition to meet our customer’s requirement.
The dimension and tolerance: About the tolerance, there is +/-2% of the size in the pressing direction, and +/-0.1mm in the non-pressing direction. If our customers have special request on the sizes and tolerance, we will try our best to meet their requirement.
The coating: The corrosion resistance of Ferrite is considered “excellent”, and no surface treatments are required.

The magnetization: Ferrite magnets can be produced isotropic or anisotropic. Isotropic grades are not oriented and can be magnetized in any direction, although some degree of greater magnetic strength will be found in the pressing dimension. Anisotropic grades are oriented in the manufacturing direction, and must be magnetized in the direction of orientation.



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